the webcam tag thing!

In which I answer the riveting questions from the webcam tag! Stella: Something Something Something: http://www.yout…

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9 Responses to the webcam tag thing!

  1. Jessica Catherine says:

    I just noticed the endscreen graphic and ooooh fancy, girl. Also the placenta thing made me unduly uncomf so thxxxxx

  2. otterborealis says:

    That just sounds plain terrifying

  3. DanielleFTBA says:

    I heard this radio show that talked about how doing stuff with your placenta was some weird trend now. The talked about planting a tree with it and putting into smoothies. So gross I don’t even want to think about it!

  4. otterborealis says:

    I do not believe that is part of the rules, thankfully!

  5. veguntold says:

    Are the rules that it has to be done in one take, because if so, I am going to make the biggest wolly of myself. 😛

  6. otterborealis says:

    It’s a good thing you have a pretty rad name, then. :)

  7. otterborealis says:

    Oh you are very welcome, my friend.

  8. otterborealis says:

    Oh, well they don’t serve placenta. It’s a sophisticated delicacy.

  9. otterborealis says:

    <3 <3

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