The Webcam Tag.

The Webcam Tag.

Storm the animated movie: Will it Blend: The tagged: Emily: Kassie: Sophia: Tagged by: Raven: Questions: 1) What are your top 3 most-visited websites? 2) If you had to choose, which of the three websites would you cut out of your life completely? 3) Who was the first Youtuber you watched regularly? 4) What’s your favorite youtube video of all time? 5) Which Youtubers would you love to be best friends with? Internet-y things: Follow my trivial moments in life on Twitter: Ask me questions on Vyou:

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  1. !. Youtube, Netflix, Pinterest 2. Definetly Pinterest 3. I think it was Shane Dawson 4. this is too hard of question but im just gonna say “How To Be Gangster” by nigahiga and Melanie Moore’s audition for SYTYCD 5. Zoella, Marcus Butler, Alfie, Jack, Finn and the rest of that British gang

  2. I started watching your videos yesterday. I like what I’ve seen so far. Then out of the blue, you say storm is your favorite youtube video! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched/listened to that on repeat! I wish more people like you existed on youtube! (obviously I mean more than just the liking “Storm” part of course, but that helps a lot)

  3. When you say you want to be best friends with “Will it blend it Blend?” I assume you mean you want to be best friends with the blender. Inanimate objects often make good friends. They almost never talk back…almost.

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