The Week in Bike #61 – Public Relations

Last week, puppy, Paris-Nice, that other race, How The Race Was Worn, Nokere Koerse, GP Nobili, Sanremo,, women, Ronde…
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  1. Little bit sad to see the change in the header, oh well, we can’t get our quality content in one place anymore BTW you should trade mark your How the Race and TWIB!

  2. So the report found that nobody of reputable standing had come forward to speak out but yet suggested that the UCI set up a whistleblower desk. It also highlighted abuse against women which wasn’t really much of shout in the press. It seemed as though the main objective was to see if Lance bribed the UCI (which they found he did but couldn’t really prove legally). So instead of the report why don’t the UCI do more effective measures, such as insisting on full transparency of all data to the independent analysers, with a condition that they can not publicise the data to other teams or press unless the riders are certainly cheating? 

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