The Who-Who Are You@Concert For New York City 1/4

Part 1 of 4 – Who Are You. The Who stealing the show at The Concert For New York City. Vocals – Roger Daltrey. Guitar – Pete Townshend. Bass – John Entwistle. Drums – Zak Starkey. The Who – Who Are You. The Who – Baba O’Riley. The Who – Baba ORiley. The Who – Teenage Wasteland. The Who – Behind Blue Eyes. The Who – Won’t Get Fooled Again. The Who – Wont Get Fooled Again. The Who – My Generation. The Who – Pinball Wizard.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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23 Responses to The Who-Who Are You@Concert For New York City 1/4

  1. MrNostalgiaX says:

    Wow gotta admit though I’m 27 now this is the first live performance I’ve ever fully seen anywhere of the who and I dig it! Pete Townshend is one hell of a showman. He’s really into it when he performs. Love what a guitarist brings to the table!

  2. Jenscool says:

    U zick.o!!!

  3. kd5hms63 says:

    Gotta love the classic move…THE WINDMILL !!!

  4. kd5hms63 says:

    Yeah, what a epic performance to mark salute our American heroes of September Eleven. “The Who” certainly performs magnificently to punctuate the historic past attacks on liberty and freedom in NYC…never again will America…be FOOLED AGAIN !!

  5. kd5hms63 says:

    Absolutely, the seventies was the appex of the Real Music revolution…the so called rap crap has polluted the airwaves with garbage, sagging pants and I. Q’s !!

  6. kd5hms63 says:

    I agree, John Entwhistle truly was the ‘mozart’ of the bass guitar, his ultra talent playing is and will forever be legendary…just as this timeless group “The Who” is!!

  7. MrLEOROMEO says:


  8. TheWhoLive73 says:

    The Brits are a pain in ass sometimes,but when push comes to shove we know who are FRIENDS ARE………THE WHO BEST LIVE BAND IN THE WORLD.Nov, 3rd going to see them for the last time i would think in Orlando,Fla…….Daltry 68 yrs old.Townsend 67 yrs old….

  9. Who8114 says:

    The Who: Best. Band. Ever.  PERIOD. I saw them live in ’07. Best moment of my life!

  10. Eviesmummy says:


  11. DesertDigger1 says:

    There’s dislikes?,come on now!.I liked when both flags were displayed,its a powerful statement.

  12. cascada owl says:

    That is what I call epic. Most Epic bands are The Who The Rolling Stones AC/DC queen and DragonForce

  13. yytereoopssreoop says:

    【】皆様にご相談があります…どなたかお金にお困りの方おりませんか?私は自分のお金の使い道に困っております。自分の諸事情なのですが…どなたか5,000,000円受け取って下さる方いらっしゃいませんか?どなたにでもお譲り致します。条件等は一切ございません。いきなりこんな所に書き込んでしまって失礼を承知の上ですが、どなたかに受け取って頂きたく思っております。受け取って頂けるという方は、こちらから【】か又は、youtube内の動画検索にて、『 わくえ 』で検索して頂きますと、受取人様の準備がととのい次第、最短30分程でお受け取りになる事ができます。急な話で信じられないかもしれませんが、人生の転機は急に訪れるものです。お困りの方はご連絡の方お待ちしております。準備は出来ていますので本日中にでもお渡しできます。

  14. Josee Forget says:

    wish i can rock like that when im close to 70 years old!!!! dam these guys kick ass!!!

  15. mf0u0048 says:

    Bass player was ridiculously good!

  16. Nightwing690 says:

    that’s what happens when you’re clean and sober your whole career

  17. jhbrustsd420 says:

    holy shit. 52 people have lost there minds.

  18. punkinboy100 says:

    Daltry has aged so well. he looks like hes in his early forties

  19. cyyytr0n says:

    This is FREAKING DAMN insane .. just look at Pete :0

  20. noiseonlyplease says:

    Well ol’ chap, I say they did a smashing ol’ job.

  21. Filip .bachta says:

    you keep thinking about the past… but i’ll keep thinking of the future …. XD

  22. j45112 says:

    This is music not that crap people listen to today this is real music….rap is not considered real music I have never and never will listen to anything but real music….Most people should know what I mean by real music any music from the 60’s to the 80’s

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