The Wonders of Nanotechnology

Originally uploaded by “Quansan52” 8months back. This a scary sell of tech that is about interfering with evolution using carbon tubes smaller than the cells in our bodies. Test it on them first and wait 50 years. AS he says there was research in the 50’s and they have come along way. Carbon nano tubes are reported to be in the fallout from chemtrails. Like it or not these maniacs are tampering with nature on a molecular level trying to control electrons ???? Control us.!!

11 thoughts on “The Wonders of Nanotechnology

  1. Mr MaxBliss i would suggest you listen to Eric Drexler on nano technology as we approach the nano scale materials take on different properties and they have a self correcting mechanism all of their own, we simply cannot make a tool small enough to really manipulate at this scale music can do it and so can thought, it is not scary it is the door to the golden age and is being presented as scary because production costs can be reduced by a factor of a million which big corporation wants that?

  2. Don’t give up yet David, just as there is a growing “post or trans humanist” movement being steered by the maniacal global elite, there is a huge growing movement of awareness to the truth about the layers of mass deception and manipulation. It is not covered well as the media majority is controlled but it is growing and its possible with the required critical mass, to fully expose and dismantle the elites plans.

  3. It looks like Humanity will have a sad ending after all. Do we even know what nature is anymore. We are so disconnected from our roots. I tried to live a free life off of the land but I get kicked off, fined and thrown back into society. I would rather die human then live inhuman.

  4. A good scientist just does an excellent job but he does not govern its use or unethical misuse. 19 trillion dollars, how much is spent on the world wide program of chemtrailing? You have a lot to find out my friend, rest assured there are many people not associated with JP Morgen of the Rothschild dynasty, this speaker is slime and oozes deception

  5. if we spent the money used on war and exposed the energy companies trove of suppressed patents we can easily have a wonderful future. The bankers behind the nanotechnology gold rush want to put nanobots around our synapses and control our behavior, doing this in Kentucky pysche hospital against their will already. Technology always gets abused -nuclear, chem warfare, bio warfare-AIDS, lets be better than nature..wake up.. used fairly there is all we need with nature.

  6. when Cheney the Traitor formed his “Energy Dept” this man should have been the guest speaker, if what this man is sayin’ is true.. any prototype in existance today or all done in a lab..?

  7. these guys need to be arrested. go look for yourselves. they are letting millions die of thirst instead of building a water thing that cost 14 billion. They are in bed with the bankers. I’m serious.

  8. Sorry, Sir. I have now given the source and credit. I remember reading “The New Scientist” over last 20 years periodically and have many recollections of items on Nanotechnology. It’s been hovering around for some time and has a lot of jolly scientists very excited. I am thinking messing around with tech that can invade and grow inside cells – a worry. Who will they test on?

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