'The World's End' Trailer: Pints, Pals, and Killer Robots!

'The World's End' Trailer: Pints, Pals, and Killer Robots!
which has been taken over by killer robots. Can the friends finish their bar crawl and save the world at the same time? As a new American trailer shows, Edgar Wright and star Simon Pegg once again make very funny and very entertaining magic together.
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Evolution Helps Build Better Robots
"I would never come up with anything that looks remotely like that," Cheney said, referring to one of these virtual robots. The bots consist of cubes known as voxels (three-dimensional pixels), which display bright colors signifying different types of …
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How robots can do more in data centers and lower the costs of operating the cloud
If robots do all the work on the floor, lights might become unnecessary, and poof: just like that, a line item can be nixed from the budget. Deploying robots could also lead to less downtime, as they could act with more certainty than people when it …
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