The Yahoo! Search team

The Yahoo! Search team

Image by Yahoo Inc
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Explored on Sep 16, 2009 – #107

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16 Responses to The Yahoo! Search team

  1. awadallah says:

    would be nice to open this up so we can start tagging faces …

  2. anshprat says:

    Guess we can play "Find the guy on the phone" :p

  3. Yahoo Inc says:

    Awadallah – tag and note away!

  4. boulter says:

    The permissions don’t seem to allow tagging.

  5. Yahoo Inc says:

    Sorry guys – open tagging and notes are finally unborked. Have at it.

  6. Davinder Mahal says:

    Awwww, if this had been taken 5 months ago I would have been in it. I see a few folks from my old team.

  7. papa_doc_stays says:

    is "Waldo" really in here? LOL.. :p

  8. hin_man says:

    I love it when HinTheMan is in the picture. I want to learn it from N., the wonderful and beautiful photographer for the shot, on what camera and lens she used for the shot. It is a beautiful shot.

  9. TheNickster says:

    Hey, hin_man – this shot was taken with a Canon 5D (Mark I) with a 70-200mm f4. Glad you like the shot!

  10. hin_man says:

    I know it. I was good to spot your 5D from a distance. The 70-200mm f/4.0 is an amazing lens, I admire it greatly for its size and sharpness in wide open aperture in f/4.0. My recent shooting in Yahoo is in Carol in WIT in B&W special And my Yahoo related blog post Thank you so much.

  11. linguizic says:

    @TheNickster – I looked what color the lens you were using was when you shot the picture and it looked black, was I just seeing things???

  12. TheNickster says:

    linguizic – You know, now that I think about it, I started with the 70-200mm but had to switch to the 24-105mm f4 after seeing how many Waldos we had. My bad, hin_man!

  13. hin_man says:

    For a while, I thought you have a lens coat as I can attest that I saw the lens in black. It is Dana’s favorite Canon lens and I am a Pentax guy loving his Canon lens. Mystery solved. Thank you Dana and TheNickster

  14. Bong Tongol Photography 'Explore' Life! says:

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  15. lancelonie says:

    Explored. Congrats! 😉

  16. TheNickster says:

    well, howdie-do! Explored on Sep 16, 2009 #107

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