The Yahoo-Tumblr Deal: Why They Paid $1.1B

The Yahoo-Tumblr Deal: Why They Paid .1B

May 20 (Bloomberg) — Bloomberg’s Dominic Chu explores the .1 billion acquisition of the social blogging site Tumblr by Yahoo as CEO Marissa Mayer continue…
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6 Responses to The Yahoo-Tumblr Deal: Why They Paid $1.1B

  1. Wayne Manzo says:

    Let’s see, in the old days we had magazines and newspapers for information and ad money went to support these diverse magazines and newspapers. The invention of the Net and the invention of only Google and Yahoo(same thing) means most of that ad money gets funneled. It doesn’t matter how many trillions they spend making the Net bigger and bigger as long as money doesn’t flow into the hands of human Gentiles. Think about it! Google, Yahoo, and the Golden Eye SS Real Mossad must be stopped!

  2. Hazim Zaki says:

    she ruined my tumblr :(

  3. yerhere123 says:

    tumblr is cool

  4. kisame al jomaih says:


  5. Sergio Ivan Muñoz says:

    I actually think Marissa Mayer is brilliant. She is taking a big gamble, but I think it will pay off.

  6. kolar says:

    Why did they buy it? Because they’re idiots. It’s not about building value or services people want or need. It’s about creating “buzz” to drive up the stock price. Yahoo has been trying to buy anything to grab some attention lately.

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