THePETEBOX Future Loops beatbox Album Track 5 Guitar Loop Pedal – Where Is My Mind?

Buy Future Loops the album and THePETEBOX singles on iTunes here – Buy the CD/DVD Gatefold physical album here – Here it is, the fifth single off my debut beatbox album THePETEBOX – Future Loops. It’s my version of Where Is My Mind by one of my all time favourite bandsThe Pixies The track is all recorded live in one take, there are no pre-recorded sounds or anything added post recording… it’s all live! This is the fifth single off my debut album Future Loops, a live, studio album that I have released through videos on youtube. For more info watch this vid – Equipment list: Shure KSM9 Microphone Takamine Acoustic Guitar Boss RC-50 Loop Pedal TC-Helicon VoiceLive 2 Focusrite Trackmaster Pro eq/compression Korg Kaoss Pad 3 Recorded into Logic Filmed by Simon Ellis – at Bub Towers, Nottingham Mastered by – http DVD Authoring by Matt Taylor – Visit the album website – http Thanks to: http
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to THePETEBOX Future Loops beatbox Album Track 5 Guitar Loop Pedal – Where Is My Mind?

  1. MTMtelevision1 says:


  2. RYANgills12 says:

    That was awesome

  3. tyler brock says:

    every cover he does is a thousand times better than the original except……….the nirvana cover dats jus dumb

  4. Claymoreuh says:

    Me too ! 2 times !

  5. mcwlo says:


  6. simon park says:

    we don’t talk about Figh . . . . oh wait, I see what you did there!

  7. alok malakar says:

     ONE_MAN_BAND !!

  8. LazyLithium says:

    Better than the original d(^_^)b

  9. mikeymoo27 says:

    Talk about what?

  10. Chris Jacobs says:

    We don’t talk about that

  11. stevengreen81 says:

    totally Amazing

  12. mikeymoo27 says:


  13. elita022 says:

    uwielbiam jego glos :*

  14. will lerche says:

    I’ve listened 24690 times. I got a bit of catching up to do

  15. techstyle123 says:

    fucking awsome

  16. FATHERKINKY says:

    drum and bass*

  17. DarylP91 says:

    you were brilliant doing this at leeds festival!

  18. AgreSSorification says:

    Where Is My Mind?

  19. Rúben Rúben says:

    Nice cover. The drum and base makes very diferent.

  20. matizaba1 says:

    100x lepsze niż oryginał :)

  21. 32cactusking says:

    that was nucking futs

  22. dschounz says:

    I love it. go on, you are a great artist. you should cover “Fix you – Coldplay”

  23. blackblueredbabies says:

    love the pixies man, great cover.

  24. italianoplummer says:

    Seriously, you are a genius. I would totally listen to music like this!

  25. MrOnkL says:

    2:50 Happy microphone.

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