These Coders Say They Taught A Computer To Crack CAPTCHA

These Coders Say They Taught A Computer To Crack CAPTCHA
CAPTCHAs serve that function: in order to sign up for free email, post comments, buy tickets or other online activities, more than 100,000 websites require users to prove they are human by deciphering the squiggly letters, which are often blurred …
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Blackhole Exploit Kit: Popular Malware Among Cybercriminals
As of Oct. 22, 2013, of all online malware, the Blackhole Exploit Kit was ranked 60th in the world, affecting users in 212 countries and more than 18,000 websites, according to AVG Threat Labs. The kit was developed in the underground cybermarket, and …
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Now You Can See Which Websites Are Tracking You in Real-Time
Its new browser extension, Lightbeam, follows your digital footprint as you surf the web and shows you a real-time visualization of all the websites that are clandestinely tracking and sharing your data. It's like a peek behind the curtain at the …
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