These Quadruped Robots Double as Japanese Garden Lamps

These Quadruped Robots Double as Japanese Garden Lamps
Do you know what your garden is missing right now? Of course you do, because whenever this blog asks you what X is missing right now, the correct answer is always always always ROBOTS. And your garden is absolutely missing robots. Specifically, the …
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Cheer up! Robots will not make us redundant
“Imagine the horror”, our early ancestors might have thought. “A handful of those newfangled shepherds will soon be able to grow all the game needed to eat. No more need for hunting! What are we hunters to do with ourselves?!” Technology has been …
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Robots Star in Cleanup of Japanese Nuclear Plant
Quince: Made by Chiba Institute of Technology, Tohoku University and International Rescue System Institute. This robot collects data to create three-dimensional maps of radiation density at Fukushima. It is equipped with three cameras, a cable cutter …
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