Think Sexism Isn't A Problem Worldwide? Just Check Google

Think Sexism Isn't A Problem Worldwide? Just Check Google
The results were from an actual Google search, according to the description next to the ad. We weren't able to reproduce all of these results when we tested the Google search phrases ourselves, but did we did see several of them. AdWeek called the PSAs …
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Google Tops Estimates, but Prices of Ads Slide
SAN FRANCISCO — For more than a decade, Google's search advertising business has seemed almost magical in its ability to mint money. But the magic is beginning to wear off as people spend more time on mobile devices, where the company makes less …
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Tips for faster, more precise Google search
In the past, research was laborious, involving several trips to the library to haul out encyclopedias. Now research can be done in seconds, thanks to search engines like Google. Not all websites are reputable. Sites that end with .com or .org are …

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