ThinkActGet Hosts James Schramko and Ezra Firestone Release 15th Podcast, Discuss Confidence in Business and in Life

Sydney, NSW (PRWEB) May 06, 2013

The first month of May ushers in the latest podcast offering of, a site created by Sydney-based Internet marketing expert James Schramko and New York-based Ezra Firestone, ecommerce expert and seasoned entrepreneur. In the same manner that previous episodes have revolved around singular themes such as communication, ethics, and motivation, this 15th episode addresses the issue of confidence and how it can be harnessed to create positive impacts on a person’s business decisions and overall outlook in life., currently the number one-ranked business podcast in Australia according to iTunes, discusses a wide range of business and life improvement topics culled from the combined experiences and insights of the two business experts both considered major movers in their respective fields. Schramko is the owner of Internet marketing company SuperFastBusiness (along with its SEO, content creation and website development divisions) and teaches valuable business strategies on and Meanwhile, Firestone is the owner and creative director at Smart Marketer Inc., an information hub for do-it-yourself entrepreneurs, and is also the head of an all-volunteer non-profit organization called We Are Family Manhattan.

The latest podcast studies the definition, application, and importance of confidence. “Confidence is generally described as being certain like when one of your predictions is correct or a course of action that you’re taking is the best or most effective,” Firestone begins. “Confidence can be a self-fulfilling prophecy; people without it might fail or not try because they lack it, while those with it might succeed because they have it rather than because of some innate ability.”

A more important question to look into, the e-commerce expert adds, is why some people lack this specific trait. “The main cause is self-doubt,” he points out.

“I think the key to curing self-confidence issues is to look at the situation and have a look at what’s causing them. What are you afraid of? What is the outcome that’s so scary to you that it’s causing self-doubt? Is it rejection, failure or embarrassment? It’s generally one of those three.”

To illustrate this concept, the co-hosts use Schramko’s establishment of the high-performance mastermind SilverCircle as an example of demonstrating confidence to attain success in business.

“Self-doubt comes up all the time I think it’s a normal part of business and life,” Schramko shares. He then recounts how SilverCircle an exclusive membership (currently on wait-list for interested applicants) that brings together six-figure earners across various business fields to discuss, devise, and implement creative and effective strategies that can help them double their profits and manage a more powerful venture started when he decided to include a $ 700 Paypal button on his website. For a monthly recurring fee, Schramko began sharing his business knowledge and advice to fellow entrepreneurs, and the number of people signing up simply continued to grow and evolve into the SilverCircle that exists today.

Without healthy reserves of confidence and trust in the quality of his products and the value that they bring to clients, Schramko would not have been able to develop the potential of his business and reach the levels of success that he has now.

In addition to announcing their Weekly Willpower Wager, reading out listeners’ comments, and touching on other business resources such as “Talk and Grow Rich” by Ron Holland, “Psycho Cybernetics” by Maxwell Maltz, and a Ted Talks conference by Julian Treasure, the co-hosts also announced the details of the upcoming ThinkActGet Lifestyle/Business Retreat taking place on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii from September 6 to 8 this year.

The event is poised to serve as “a restorative experience for the mind and body, designed to help you be your best in business and in life.” Participants will engage in group mastermind sessions and one-on-one sessions with Schramko and Firestone, interactions with fellow entrepreneurs, and daily yoga classes and outdoor activities like paddle boarding and hiking. They will also get a taste of both island-fresh cuisine and exceptional restaurant dining.

To listen to the latest podcast on confidence and for more information on the exciting business and lifestyle retreat in Hawaii, visit today.

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