Thinking Far Outside the Box in “My Universe – A Transcendent Reality”

(PRWEB) January 15, 2013

Committing to reading this book of essays by Alex Vary is work. Work is what people do to survive. Thinking is how they get to do work and how they survive and open windows to what it all may mean. Alex has said, While writing the book, I wanted reassurance about transcendent reality and the reality of spirit. I wanted assurances that human consciousness transcends the material world. I asked for and received answers to questions that could convince a scientist that we actually have access to a transcendent reality.

Encountering a mind as swept away with the desire to share his earned view of the universe deserves respect. There are very few of the worlds thinkers who able to go into the interstices of physics, spirituality, all manner of science, psychology, and ultimately spirituality and hold peoples attention the way Vary does. Perhaps in other times or perhaps within the thoughts of those who see things clearly but are unable to even attempt to metamorphose those ideas into words, pathways for fellow man to begin to understand.

Not all of what Alex Vary writes is comprehensible, mostly due to the fact that his depth of knowledge of physics is far deeper than most everyone else. It is a marriage of matter and mind, an Aristotle’s lantern help up to the concept that the flashes of brilliance that flicker in the minds of profound scientists on the brink of `discovery’ is very close to the epiphanies of spiritual thinkers. He describes the transcendent nature of human consciousness and its relation to physical being. A theme throughout this book is that people are simultaneously in transcendent and material domains. The human consciousness transcends the material and elevates and entwines our spirits, that bonding between mind and matter that unlocks possibilities for understanding the universe as Vary has found it.

According to Gray Harp, Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer, a well considered quote about Varys book follows: Author Vary offers prophetical prose-poesy in which science, theology, and philosophy are combined. He offers revolutionary ideas that promote perception modification and self-realization. Vary posits the essential paradigm that our cosmos and other possible cosmoses are but material subsets of the Universe, the one foundational reality beyond measurement, definition, or description. Vary shows how this ultimate transcendent reality combines and enlightens our shared consciousness and enables its role in marshaling order from the perceived chaos that surrounds us. The underlying premise presumes the transcendent nature of human consciousness. Harp furthermore states,And that seems to be the raison d’

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