Thinking of Bill Murray Helps Calm Points

Thinking of Bill Murray Helps Calm Points
I hit a horrible tee shot off the tee and I hit a 5-iron short of the green and I kind of chunk it around and chip up and got like a 5-footer for par. My caddie looks at me, 'How are you feeling?' I'm like, 'I'm freaking out. I feel awful. I'm so …
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Something worth holding on to
Then there are some intelligent ones who take photos of the items they want to remember and then chunk it into the bag. Finally, there are those like my 4-year-old grandson, Jackson. His mom had snuck some of his toys over for one of the sales. Problem …

Putting an end to laziness
2) Chunk it down or 3) Hire it out. What do I mean by hire it? It means let someone else do it. (And if they are willing to do it for free — BONUS!) An author, an expert at writing, delays installing his printer. Why? He doesn't feel confident doing …
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