This is Boxing – Legends of the Ring

This is Boxing - Legends of the Ring

Highlight video of all the legends of boxing from Ali, Frazier, Leonard, Foreman, Mancini, Hearns, Chavez and many others. This video is played at every Top …

19 thoughts on “This is Boxing – Legends of the Ring

  1. 2:05, this is exactly why I love how Ali fights. That jolt momentum jab is incredible. It’s as if he set it all up before throwing the punch.

  2. When did I say that? LOL can you read? did you take too many punches to the head or something? I said they both deserve to be in it where did I say at ALL that Tyson is more worthy or hearns is or duran is??? are you mentally ill?

  3. Nice vid BUT theres no tyson, i mean he knocked a dude out in 7sec and you dont put him in this, what your address, im gona find you and eats your kidds my style is impetuous my defense is impregnable I’m the greatest of all time

  4. I too amateur box, that doesn’t mean you know about boxing. Dummy. The fact you somehow think Tyson has more of a reason to be in this video than Duran or Hearns proves my point.

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