This is Boxing – Legends of the Ring

This is Boxing - Legends of the Ring

Highlight video of all the legends of boxing from Ali, Frazier, Leonard, Foreman, Mancini, Hearns, Chavez and many others. This video is played at every Top …

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19 Responses to This is Boxing – Legends of the Ring

  1. XIBlackTigerIX says:


  2. ChuukeseStink says:

    They should change the title to “Boxing Legends under Top Rank”.

  3. Roberto mano de piedra Duran says:

    Corrales vs Castillo, the best fight of the history!

  4. jazongmpn says:

    Its too sad..if they add pacquiao there it will be when he got KOd by marquez coz that moment shocked the whole boxing world :(

  5. p4p5119 says:

    Maybe because Mike Tyson was promoted by Don King instead of Jew Arum

  6. KravaLLT says:

    they show only fighters from top rank promotion how can you not understand something that obvious?

  7. Aaron Farber says:

    what chavez fight is that at 1:35

  8. dcempire101 says:

    If you guys like boxing you should check out some of my vids

  9. Rikudou Sennin says:

    2:05, this is exactly why I love how Ali fights. That jolt momentum jab is incredible. It’s as if he set it all up before throwing the punch.

  10. moneyxl00 says:

    Okay I didn’t know that. 

  11. At0daZ says:

    This video only features fighters promoted by Bob Arum , they play it at big Top Rank cards

  12. Johnny Sack says:

    mike Tyson was promoted by don king. not top rank and they showed hearns vs leonard. stop crying for stupid shit.

  13. RonLee209 says:

    Where’s Roy Jones Jr!!!!!?

  14. cornnene69 says:


  15. moneyxl00 says:

    When did I say that? LOL can you read? did you take too many punches to the head or something? I said they both deserve to be in it where did I say at ALL that Tyson is more worthy or hearns is or duran is??? are you mentally ill?

  16. TheKylepie24 says:

    Nice vid BUT theres no tyson, i mean he knocked a dude out in 7sec and you dont put him in this, what your address, im gona find you and eats your kidds my style is impetuous my defense is impregnable I’m the greatest of all time

  17. itchygonads says:

    I too amateur box, that doesn’t mean you know about boxing. Dummy. The fact you somehow think Tyson has more of a reason to be in this video than Duran or Hearns proves my point.

  18. bambam1194 says:

    awesome video

  19. moneyxl00 says:

    fanboy? i’m an amateur boxer, so what the fuck are you talking about, have you ever sparred before in your life? you go learn about boxing

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