This Is Google's Dead-Simple Formula for a Perfect Resume

This Is Google's Dead-Simple Formula for a Perfect Resume
For soon-to-be college graduates or anyone else currently on the job hunt, Google's head of human resources has some advice for impressing potential employers. Laszlo Bock, who oversees the hiring of 100 new Google employees each week, offered some …
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Google Glass Exec Calls Backlash 'Necessary Symptom'
Google Glass has faced continual criticism over its polarizing design, potential privacy issues and the high price of units — all before the product launches. But according to the Glass' marketing head, these complaints are just a natural outcrop of …

Memory Lane: Traveling through time on Google maps
This illustration provided by Google highlights a new Google Maps Street View snapshots feature, which allow users to see what specific neighborhoods and landmarks looked like at different periods during the past seven years that Google Inc. has been …
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