This Is What Windows 8 Looks and Feels Like

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25 thoughts on “This Is What Windows 8 Looks and Feels Like

  1. Do you know how to build a computer? lol How is he cheap? He probably is more intelligent about computers than you according to his comment while you on the other hand keep saying useless slander.

  2. this guy is full of shit do not believe him. he has old ass computers he built himself sounds like a cheap person. He keeps spamming how good Windows 8 is and now put a help phone number.Windows 7 and Mac OS stomp windows 8 easily.

  3. I tried for 2 days there is no driver for windows 8 to get my audio to work even the one I have had a link but would not work also there was problems with audio from other people on teh forums stating they had audio until the pc went to sleep then the audio was disabled “just google it” so maybe you could let your pc’s go asleep and then wake it up and try playinga cd

  4. I installed it on 4 comps. 2 laptops and 2 desktops. 1 laptop is 6~7 years old, 1 laptop is 3 years old. the 2 desktops are 4 years old & I built them myself. I had NO issues whatsoever, installing them on all 4. Actually my 11 year old installed the 3 year old laptop all by himself. Everything works JUST LIKE WIN 7 on the destop screen and I hv ALL my OLD apps just like before with all my icons on the DESKTOP SCREEN. I can power off with only 1 click(shortcut). call 1-800-microsoft for help.

  5. YOU ARE AWESOME & VERY SMART.Me too,I learned it in 3~4 mins.I love it. The things you can do & ALL the short cuts that offers it’s AWESOME.It can’t get better than that. I really can NOT understand why they complain.I’ve given them 3 FREE apps name(there are more),IF they wish to change the START PAGE back to CLASIC START(WHY anyone in a right mind would want that is beyond me,perhaps they HATE change in life). They just don’t seen to get the concept of Win 8. it works SOOOO WELL & FAST.

  6. Just been reading the comments below and how some people say the “haters” only say it sucks because they have not used it….. Well “I hate it” I bought this piece of trash and “I hate it” so much so I went back to windows 7 … There is so many bugs it is unreal including when surfing the net “The pages stick to you trying to force stupid adverts on you, you have to buy everything to get important drivers to work and the audio doesn’t work and there is no work around for it as yet. it’s crap

  7. Windows 8 is amazing. It’s funny the haters can only say “It sucks ass” because they have never used it. So much faster, smoother, better looking than windows 7 and it’s the same thing with more features.

  8. Some people aren’t retarded when it comes to technology.. I learned how to use Windows 8 in like 3 minutes. I like learning how to use new technology because everything can’t stay the same forever change is good.

  9. I agree with everything you have been saying. The only people who don’t like Windows 8 are the idiots who can’t deal with change and shouldn’t even have a computer.

  10. Why, oh why didn’t Microsoft release two different operating systems: Windows 8 tablet and Windows 8 desktop? Keep that cluttered looking start screen for tablets and give me a streamline list of programs and commands in plain fucking English for my desktop. Why do “apps” that are loading have to invade the ENTIRE screen? It seems like a step backward.

  11. Also, look at the ppl that don’t like Win 8 (mainly the START PAGE). Who are they really? they are the kind of ppl that don’t like ANY KIND of CHANGEs in life.They always like the SAME THINGs(like my father in law, SAME kind of food EVERYDAY,SAME cloths,SAME shoes,SAME cars, SAME FLIP Phns,SAME Win XP OS,……..NEVER changes.He sell his car,just to buy the SAME EXACT YEAR & MODEL&COLOR car AGAIN.Yeh SAME EVERYTHING). Like anything NEW in life,U hv to get use to it.Once u do,you’ll LOVE Win 8

  12. 1st,As I mentioned 100x,Win 8 is Customizable unlike any other OS’s out there.2nd,””IF””the Start Page bathers you(I just can’t understand why, it’s AWESOM & does 10000x more than any other OS out there),there are SEVERAL FREE apps that you can download & change it back to Start Button again(Classic Start 8 app, Quick Start Button app,Classic Start Button app……name a few FREE apps).3rd,There are SEVERAL tutorial videos on YouTube that helps you learn Win 8 in about 4 minutes.It’s SO EASY

  13. I hate the interface. Its one thing if youre using it for a tablet or phone but on the computer it is such a hassle. You go through life learning this one thing that is second nature and then BOOM they decided to just throw all of that away and expect you to learn this NEW uncomfortable awkward thing. Why cant they stick to the recipe? Oh and its really ugly. And I’m sure I could do everything windows 8 can do on any other OS. You love it, so good for you, but not so much for the rest of us.

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