This mom will review your website for $75

This mom will review your website for
Most Web designers and developers do user testing on their sites and applications to make sure the majority of users can use them without issue, as it's important to make sure your website works and makes sense to all types of users who visit your site …
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A disturbing experience made me question whether this wildly popular shopping
Poshmark is the leader in a growing group of secondhand fashion websites, such as Tradesy, the RealReal, Twice, Vinted, Thredup, and Copious, where users can buy anything from Banana Republic blouses to Chanel handbags at massive discounts. The company …
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Rat​s'​ droppings, human urine and arsenic… Police warn against counterfeit
Counterfeit beauty products in particular are becoming increasingly common and easily available on auction sites, online market places, rogue websites and social media. Checking the authenticity of a product is more difficult when shopping online since …
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