This New Robot Has a Sense of Touch

This New Robot Has a Sense of Touch
Powerful, metal-clad robot arms have the potential to cause huge amounts of damage, and engineers normally opt for a “keep your distance” approach to designing robot navigational systems: Grab the thing you need, but keep clear of everything else …
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Interactive robot soothes autistic children
Now, however, some children are getting help with their interpersonal relations from an unlikely source, a robot called NAO. Using a series of web cameras that track head movements, the robot responds to the child's needs and provides instruction …

Think ahead: Robots anticipate human actions
Seeing a person carrying a bowl toward the refrigerator, a robot identifies the objects in the scene. Knowing that bowls are storable and refrigerators are places to store things, it projects possible trajectories for the bowl, and decides to open the …
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