This Russian Software Is Taking Over the Internet

This Russian Software Is Taking Over the Internet
The world's best-known web server, Apache, was the obvious choice, but when engineers started tinkering with the way the software was setup, Apache would crash, especially when WordPress was really busy. … It now runs about 15 percent of all websites …
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Clues Reveal How Mr. Bezos Will “Guide” The Washington Post
What's less understood is the man's willingness to don the tortoise outfit against the hare with 100 percent confidence that he will win … eventually. Consider how … Back to the cloud example, consider that Amazon's Web Services (AWS) now generates …
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LG hosts a “flash mob” in Ukraine to advertise the G2
From the optical image stabilization to the battery life, LG made sure to cover their top features through dance and forming large shapes with a crowd of people. It may not have been the best way to advertise a phone, but it was fairly clever and …

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