Thomas Meehans Pinellas County Arresting Holiday Experiment

(PRWEB) November 25, 2013

Thomas Meehan, a distinguished Clearwater, Florida business owner, announced that he would be kicking-off his twenty-sixth year of entrepreneurship by challenging his fellow business owners during the approaching holiday season. Meehan expressed a desire to see other entrepreneurs pitch conventional beliefs out the window about individuals who have either previously been arrested or accused of committing a crime.

Thomas Meehan specifically dared fellow business owners in and around Pinellas County, asking that they turn a blind eye to gotcha mugshot report websites during the holiday season. Meehan contends that the sites report arrest records for Pinellas County residents who long ago fulfilled their debt to society, with no regard for what an out of date record can do to the earning capacity of a person.

Thomas Meehan spent the better part of 2013 educating himself regarding search engine optimization, gotcha sites to which people can report either old or erroneous reports of implied wrongdoing and the reality that the sites are designed for the single purpose of shaming a person. Meehan found that arrest records on the sites often went far beyond any and all statute of limitations, and often prevented people who had paid their dues to society from getting hired for a regular job. He found this reality unacceptable, because all companies falling under his entrepreneurial umbrella had long made a practice of giving people second chances.

Thomas Meehan committed himself to finding a way to bring attention to the problem of arrest record sites, and their interference with the ability to earn a livelihood. Rather than taking on the sites directly, Meehan issued his personal challenge to fellow business owners during the 2013 holiday season. His only requirement was that they give good people a chance to make a fresh start before the dawning of 2014.

Meehans team has taken to calling the challenge Thomas Meehans Arresting Experiment for Christmas. All involved want this call to action to put good people into jobs they deserve.

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