Thorin’s Thoughts – Ranking TSM After IEM (LoL)

Some thoughts on the implications of TSM’s win at the IEM IX World Championship on where they stack up in the world.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to Thorin’s Thoughts – Ranking TSM After IEM (LoL)

  1. Zefn says:

    Anyone who thinks TSM is the best team in the world just because they won IEM is deluded, sorry.

  2. Ernest Paul says:

    iem doesnt matter anyway – all salty eurobaddies

  3. xTooDee says:

    Noone can really say which is the best team yet we just have to make assumptions because of the past. GE showed a weakness at IEM and WE took advantage, TSM won and Everyone is like it doesn’t matter anyway whereas if it was a GE had one people would of cared it’s kind of pathetic that people hate TSM like I don’t understand how you can hate a team like not just TSM but any team I mean hate a player because they did something yeah but don’t drag to whole team down that’s so close minded. Anyways it’s a weekly power ranking TSM won the title so they get a good ranking it’ll change next week no doubt I just want to also add that thorin I agree with everything you said. But we can say GE would of smashed TSM but we also say GE would smash WE but they didn’t so noone can really tell I just hope GE and TSM make it to the mid season invertational then hopefully we’ll see I think it could go 3/2 either way but we’ll see ay. Great video overall! 

  4. Sloveryy says:

    bo1 is fucking garbage and shoud never ever be played in a tournament.

  5. Kevin Yorn says:

    TSM only lost 1 game at IEM not 2

  6. Kim Varmori says:

    The 11 best teams in the world are in LPL 8^) jk the best team in the world is probably EDG but for the time of the worlds it will be OMG

  7. Galaick says:

    I feel like Thoorin has a point, but he kind of overexaggerates at points. A few videos ago: “Bo1s are shit, we need more Bo3s at international events.” Ok, fair enough, a bo1 is not a good way to measure up teams. This video: “Bo3s don’t really show how the ‘story’ would go, we need Bo5s to REALLY see how well teams match up.” What’s next? Bo5s suck and we need bo7s? I mean, I SUPPOSE more matches = more statistics, but you can’t have all bo5s. It sucks for the viewers and it takes a LOT of time. 

  8. bleaak bleeak says:

    Nah, no one can look at what CLG and C9 have done this season and say there’s a debate about the 2nd best team in NA. CLG is miles ahead of C9 as of now, even though they lost that head-to-head, the level of play they’ve exhibited on a larger sample of games is much more impressive than C9. I honestly thought CLG was the strongest team in NA going into IEM Katowice but TSM’s performance there was really impressive, Santorin, Turtle and Lustboy all stepped up noticeably compared to their domestic performances. All in all, with Liquid having some issues I don’t see them resolving in this split, it’s pretty obvious TSM, CLG & C9 are by far the best three teams in NA and I don’t see much sense ranking them before the playoffs end. When these teams actually prepare and battle themselves in a series we can actually start debating about the best team in NA, until then nothing really matters Edit: Forgot TIP, they’ve been racking up some nice wins in the past weeks but I’ll wait to see a bit more, certainly ’till a team finally prevents XiaoWeiXaio from abusing Karthus

  9. Sammy Choi says:

    You guys are retarded if any of you think tsm is gonna be able to handle SKT EDG OMG SNAKE GET FNC H2K TIP CLG at worlds by the time this happens those teams are gonna be prime #GOLDENAGE #FREELG #CLG 

  10. Hackzor says:

    My thoughts after IEM: – Korea got fluked. They’re still the best. -TSM is a lot better than people expected. -I think EU might be the weakest region. (This one is still up in the air) – China is a weird fucking region. 

  11. frigginjoe says:

    IMO, this may make a case for TSM potentially being a top 5 team. I’d say despite GE not winning the tournament this isn’t some evidence they’re a worse team. I’d take the first two teams in KR and CN before TSM. Who knows anymore. China, though. Who knows where their average team stands. I can’t wait to see some top LPL teams in the world mix.

  12. Jay Pay says:

    Thorin, TSM went 7-1, not 9-2 since there was only 1 Bo5.

  13. hizow CSGO says:

    Why am I there ? I don’t play LoL lol

  14. Derrick yuksdgfhj says:

    Excuses… Excuses… Excuses… This is why people rag on EU. Just accept that TSM did good and won and leave it at that. Stop trying to rationalize NA’s win as a fluke to make EU seem better. x_x

  15. Charles Thompson says:

    This is why I always have a hard time with commentators and analysts when they talk about TSM. At the beginning of the tourney, Monte says (to paraphrase) this is gonna be a much better way to determine team strengths because its not just a best of one which can go either way. Theirs and elimination bracket and then a best of three so you can really tell which team is better. Then you have these upsets in a best of 3 and now Thorin, who I have a lot of respect for, is saying that a best of 3 doesn’t really tell you that much. I can agree that weird things can happen in a best of 1 but in a best of 3 there’s no excuse for losing multiple games if you’re the better team. Now does that mean the team that beat you can be as consistent as you? Not necessarily no. Being a number 1 team in general hinges on consistency. But hypothetically speaking if GE never learned anything from their fight against WE they would consistently lose against them as the data has shown. Making WE at least for the moment the better team. Bad teams can always turn things around, especially with good roster swaps. Just look at CLG who nearly got relegated last year.

  16. ShiekYerbooty says:

    You can do mental gymnastics until your face turns blue, but the facts remain the same. TSM is the 2015 IEM World Champions…..from NA

  17. brad keels says:

    WE smashed GET games 2 and 3 cleary thorin didn’t watch the games lol ( oh yeah thorin guess what WE was winning game one early but you don’t watch the games),,,

  18. TheSouliG says:

    Why does this happen a lot to TSM where they allways get the easy bracket or some random events happen that play in their favour allowing them to place higher in the tournament? Just to give 1 example at worlds last year they got a realitvely easy group and on top of that SK lost their jungler for some games guaranteeing them to qualify for the quarterfinals.

  19. Dancinglings says:

    Can you make a video about your ranking of Bjergsen after IEM ? Now that he has proven that he can perform internationally against some of the really good midlaners, would you say he is top 3 in the world? Is there a case to make, that he is?

  20. red toasti says:

    Listening to thorin feels like you are being spit in the face…

  21. Dustin Corthell says:

    Pretty sure Thorin is reading wayyy too much into TSM’s only loss in the entire tournament, as well as WE’s single loss to GE Tigers. Many may disagree with me but honestly, I think riding the GE bandwagon at this point is just foolish. This team has displayed some severe weaknesses that will most likely be exploited by other teams in Korea as the season progresses. I wouldn’t have my money on them to maintain their spot as the number one team in Korea by worlds, I would place my money on SKT or the Jin Air Green Wings. It’s been an impressive run from them but it’s not common for a team to dominate that much throughout an entire season and carry that kind of momentum into worlds. With all the patches between now and worlds you have to think that it will only detriment the teams that are currently performing very well. 

  22. Bloodmoon says:

    GE played like crap, yet received the benefit of the doubt, simply because they are Korean. I would really like to see, TSM challenging the korean teams directly, say in the offseason.

  23. Stelios Pits says:

    EDG is legitimately the best team in the world RIGHT NOW. Pawn and Deft are simply miles ahead in terms of their performance when compared to anyone in their position in the world. Their macrostrategy is flawless. They play many different comps and tactics and the versatility of Pawn in terms of champion pool and his exquisite roams are the reasons they re ahead by a mile. I expect EDG to win MSI.

  24. deepvybes says:

    TSM’s ambitions are at worlds anyway. So I’m sure this victory isn’t going to go to their heads and they will still work towards winning worlds like they all keep saying.

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