three days grace show yahoo live

this is the complete show of three days grace on yahoo enjoy the show !!! (july 27 2014)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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20 Responses to three days grace show yahoo live

  1. MrInfinity127 says:

    I like matt, dont get me wrong, and not to sound cliche but… I miss adam so very much!!! The energy! The screams! Just not the same without adam, I really miss the raspy voice that adam has! Matts voice is to clean in my opinion

  2. TheLastOutlaw03 says:

    The songs of life start know and transit of venus sound good with matt voice, but those of the old ones (one x and three days grace), the best ones are just awful with him

  3. Ozan Kulcu says:

    Comparing this performance with Live at the Palace, you see that they don’t feel the music as they used to. Matt’s a great singer, but not just him, also Brad, Neil and Barry don’t seem to feel it like they did before. I tried so much to like this performance but I couldn’t. I hope they will be better with the song they are writing together…

  4. manuel armando ruvalcaba rodriguez says:

    Extraño a Adán

  5. Enmanuel Morales says:

    What happened with Adam?

  6. Arge Lina says:

    Is not the same without Adam :-( but i still love this band <3

  7. Vincentdrummer16 says:

    Matt is a fucking boss! couldn’t wish for a better replacement.

  8. killuminati91112 says:

    this isn’t half bad

  9. Kynario says:

    Loving Matt. Adam is Adam, but Matt is terrific as well. :-) The future of the band is in the best hands possible vocally… Come on, his voice is amazing. !

  10. Javier Ramirez says:

    Wow his screams have gotten much better. He can actually scream now unlike before. Keep up the good work! 

  11. saorith kriss says:

    buena musica para mis oidios 

  12. João Souza says:

    Is this the show where Neil recorded the POV videos?by the way,Matt sounds so awesome…he is improving more and more.The only song with him in the vocals I don’t dig (yet) is Never Too Late,which still sounds kind of soft.But he is improving…3DG for life.

  13. EWAUltimate says:

    Anyone else notice how Matt fucked up the start of ‘Riot’?

  14. JeremyCuddles says:

    Finally some live footage that isn’t recorded with a tooth brush and a hockey puck. Edit: After having watched the whole video, gotta say it sounded weird. I really want Matt to work, but singing Adam’s song just felt wrong. Painkiller sounded pretty sick but everything else just didn’t feel right.

  15. Andrew Young says:

    chalk outline sounds a million times better tuned down like that

  16. Binh Le says:

    It is strange to hear these songs with a different voice. I guess it’s hard to find a good singer like Adam. He had the best voice, good act on stage and fun to watch him. He had the ability to captivate the audience in a deep level. Matt is a good singer, but can’t compare to Adam sorry:(

  17. shota hardy says:

    tell you what…matt is getting better and better everyday.Maybe not talented like Adam but he is trying to save tgd and fans.That deserves respect. (fan of adam speaking here!)

  18. BMXDrumZ says:

    Matt? YOU SUCK! No energy, no feelings, no nothing its just fuckin bad :(

  19. ballerbscott says:

    Anyone else notice in Chalk Outline they have a pre-recorded “Adam” radio effect in the microphone. That’s sad lol

  20. Fourthz says:

    adam or gtfo

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