Three Elements of Successful Social Media Marketing

Three Elements of Successful Social Media Marketing
social_media_marketing_BH&G It is hard to think about building a real estate business for the long-term when what you really need are leads today. The challenges of social media lie in that statement. You know that being more active now will help you …
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Extending Your Social Media Reach: Working the Facebook Author Tag Feature
In this digital age, marketing is progressing with leaps and bounds. The advent of social networks has further opened up new avenues for marketers to promote their products and increase their reach. Probably, one of the best social networks for …
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Study claims 'cash for comment' row has eased as marketers incentivise social
Of those marketers using social media influencers to promote their products 41 per cent identified engagement levels as the most important metric of success, with only 13 per cent naming sales as the key driver, with 18 per cent saying they were …
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