Tic Teac Tic Teac by Púca Puppets

Tic Teac Tic Teac by Púca Puppets
Event on 2014-10-04 12:30:00

Ón ghiniúnt go dtí an chéad lá scoile, tá aistear éachtach déanta ag gach leanbh cheana – aistear foghlama, taiscéalaíochta agus forbartha. Déanann Tic Teac Tic Teac ceiliúradh shiamsúil air seo.

From the moment of conception till they go to school a child has completed an extraordinary journey of growth, exploration, learning and development. Tic Teac Tic Teac is a playful celebration of this. Starting by inviting the children to assemble the clock-mat the story will use to mark the passage of time, and ending with a chance for them to express a little of who they are now, it brings us through a simple re-enactment of this exciting time in the audience’s life.

A Bi-lingual performance, it exploits young children’s pleasure and openness to language and can be enjoyed by all the family.

For 3-6 year olds and their families.

Duration: 45 mins.

PLEASE NOTE: This performance takes place in The Maureen O'Hara Studio. Capacity is limited so early booked is advised. Seating is non-allocated. All babies and toddlers require a ticket. Thank You. This is their own story, the story every child adores, of how they came to be…. With imagination and charm, Púca Puppets involved the children in an artistic process that showed them their own experience on stage and kept them engaged and entertained for near on 45 minutes. Short but sweet.
Caomhán Keane Irish Theatre Magazine Puca Puppets have delivered a beautiful piece of children's theatre and a very special experience for a parent and their young child.
Lauren O'Toole Star Rating 4.5/5

at Mill Theatre Main Auditorium
Dundrum Town Centre Dundrum Dublin 16
Dublin, Ireland

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