Tightrope Interactive Announces New Brand: Sherpa Education

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) April 17, 2015

Tightrope Interactive, a leader in online marketing and innovative technology solutions, aims to distinguish itself as a best-in-class provider of lead generation services. Today, Tightrope Interactive is excited to announce the rebranding of their Inquiry Generation business unit as Sherpa Education.

Along with a new logo and website, Sherpa Education released a portfolio of nine new products that better serve prospective students and meet client demands. Sherpa Educations new suite of products includes a variety of user experiences on social, search, and device-specific media. For a live demo of any of the nine products, please visit Sherpa Educations Products.

The goal is to elevate the attributes of the Sherpa Education brand, which will allow the company to display its full product portfolio and grow its presence within the education industry, Allan Buehler, VP of Sales, Account Management and Business Development said. In addition, Sherpa Educations rebranding brings a stronger, new identity to its inquiry generation efforts while also distinguishing it from the growing, diverse list of brands Tightrope Interactive owns and operates.

Justin Kazwell, VP of Media, adds, Delivering an enhanced product experience benefits both sides of the equation [client & prospective student]. In building our product suite weve positioned ourselves as a company that can ebb and flow with industry demands.

Sherpa Education aims to appeal to a broader market and grows its opportunities for prospective students & current clients and partners. Despite the brand change, Sherpa Education brings the same expertise and innovation that has been a hallmark of its business since 2007.

For inquiries, please contact Allan Buehler at allan(at)sherpaeducation(dot)com or Justin Kazwell at justin(at)sherpaeducation(dot)com.

About Tightrope Interactive

Tightrope Interactive is a full-service online marketing firm specializing in paid search media and industry-leading technology solutions to power lead generation campaigns and downloadable product distribution. In addition to Sherpa Education, Tightrope Interactive also proudly owns and operates downloadable product brands WebInstall and MobilePlay.

Tightrope Interactive was founded in 2006 with a mission to make it more efficient for users to get the products they want affordably. For more information, please visit Tightrope Interactive’s website.

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