Time Is After Me by Swiss Composer Michael De Salem Dedicated To Symbolic Mayan Calendar Date 12-12-12 Which Signifies Global Awakening To Timelessness

Salem, MA 12/12/2012 (PRWEB) December 12, 2012

Influenced by some of historys greatest thinkers such as Max Planck, Albert Einstein and Immanuel Kant, Swiss born Composer Michael De Salem, has spent his life captivated by Quantum Physics and the theories surrounding relativity. Michael believes that time and space function together to synthesize within the collective consciousness and imagination of humanity to make human knowledge and expression possible. Space and time can only be determined one from the other. When we perceive objects and events to exist in time; time cannot be perceived without resorting to space, he says.

A new awareness of the relation between time and space in the universe was born with Hermann Minkowskis introduction of the concept of the spacetime continuum. Albert Einstein applied the concept in his special theory of relativity. This radical theory birthed a realization that there is no absolute time that is independent of space. Einstein explained that space-time does not evolve; it simply exists in every present moment. Because space consists of 3 dimensions, and time is 1-dimensional, space-time must, therefore, be a 4-dimensional object. So, physicists now commonly consider our planet to be embedded in this 4-dimensional Space-Time continuum, and all actions, events, places and moments in history are observed in terms of their location in Space-Time.

De Salems newest album Time Is After Me is a brilliant musical articulation of this continuous multi-dimensional existence where sound becomes a personal expression of consciousness. Music is not created in time; music creates time, he explains. Chill Out fans and ambient aficionados will certainly gravitate towards this collection of sophisticated sounds and hypnotic rhythms, inspired by the enigma of Einstein’s theory and max Plancks discoveries regarding time as we perceive it. De Salems distinctive music ascends from deep within the sonic abyss of the universe, combining lounge influences with humpback whale sounds and NYC down tempo.

Michael made his recording debut as a guitarist, co-composer and producer on several African, Pop, Punk, and Spanish albums released in Switzerland, which in turn lead to the debut of his first solo album – Something Getting Wrong. Michael composed and produced the album and develops the sound on guitar, keyboard, piano and drums. Something Getting Wrong truly evokes the curiosity of the listener with an alluring ambient electronic soundtrack accompanied by the haunting melodies of a cello.

Time is After Me, is an invitation for humanity to experience a musical dream state of cosmic timelessness, says Michael. The Ancient Mayan calendar marks 12-12-12 as the end of time as we know it, and speaks of the beginning of a new cycle of evolution for planet earth. The number 12 is notably associated with the heavensthe 12 months, the 12 signs of the zodiac, and the 12 stations of the Moon and of the Sun. Twelve also has a powerful significance in fields as diverse as mythology, astrology, astronomy and sports. Twelve is symbolic of the creation of the universe as it represents the division of unity into twelve individual distinct vibrations or tones, which can be readily seen in music, explains Michael. He takes a very conscious approach when composing his music by combining musical expressions of life experience with his extensive knowledge of natural science. Every sound I create is chosen to dance with the other, identical to the way elements inherently come together to compose matter, he says. De Salem strategically chose 12-12-12 to mark the release date of his new album Time is After Me, to celebrate the cosmic energy that will transform and uplift humanity and planet earth in the years to come.

About the Artist:

Michael de Salem was born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland, the worlds most compact metropolis also known as the Peace Capital. Michaels roots are still firmly planted in his homeland where he resides free from the chaos that befalls many other countries. As a teenager, he was already very aware of the chaos and injustice that plagued the world around him. This realization evoked Michaels desire to gain a better understanding of the laws of nature and our significance within our vast universe.

De Salem went on to study Physics at the University of Geneva. Captivated by Quantum Physics and the theories surrounding relativity, Michael has lived his entire life contemplating one of the greatest scientific mysteries of our universe the space-time continuum.

De Salem is currently working as a sound engineer in Geneva and fosters his passion for Physics by traveling the world on occasion. He frequently visits a quaint coastal city by the name of Salem, Massachusetts. This colorful and culturally diverse place is known for an impressive display of historic architecture and mysterious stories that span almost four centuries. Michael feels a profound connection to the mystery of Salem and therefore adopted the name as his own.

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