TIME Magazine Interviews: Jim Cramer

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13 Responses to TIME Magazine Interviews: Jim Cramer

  1. joelet123 says:

    i wonder what interviews are all about

  2. JudokaJames says:

    Stewart’s attacks were uncalled for. Cramer is a great guy. His advice isn’t always perfect, but nobody gives perfect advice 100% of the time. He has helped me save and invest alot better, and helped out friends and family of mine as well. He is the real deal.

  3. tothemax01 says:

    LOL @ ‘ the only one who called this right was Marx’. Yeah man, Marx really made a good call with his ‘communism will be utopia’. This guy is a complete moron. Apparently a central bank which fixes interest rates via a government-backed control of the money supply is a capitalist institution. Good call. Communism manifesto No5: “Centralisation of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly”, Marx.

  4. clehneis says:


  5. Lawrence V. Dickins says:

    Let’s respect the guy. He is a great entertainer and probably knows a lot about the business. It’s up to you to make your analysis and to make final decisions. But he has brought finance to “another level” of investing for the common person.

  6. daley321321 says:

    w upsidedown

  7. daley321321 says:

    if this was time the actual time magasine there would be no cut’s

  8. mitino aiken says:

    “Thats right stewart, you will answer for this, doesnt he know i work for the elite.” – Jim Cramer

  9. meddlingmage23 says:

    seriously? now I know this guy is full of shit when he said stewart was attacking him. I mean come on, you know full well when you were going onto the show that john was gonna be breakin your balls about it, so either don’t go on the daily show or grow a pair of nuts and stop crying about it

  10. Omega231984 says:

    So that’s what he sounds like when he’s not screaming

  11. jaychins says:

    he’s a talk show host that’s it, anyone sees him as a financial guru would be stupid.

  12. len sellers says:

    What a self-justifying, whining wimp. His own words clearly expose him as a guy who views his screw-ups as, gee, just working hard. Jon Stewart is cruel and attacking, as opposed to this guy’s dance act on his own “show.” Would you buy a single stock from this person? Super Yuck.

  13. Nick Rein says:

    All his stock advice, apparently, is BS. But, he sure is entertaining!

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