Timeline: How Google and Uber went from BFFs to frenemies

Timeline: How Google and Uber went from BFFs to frenemies
For most of its five-year life, Uber has been hugely dependent on Google — in particular, on its vast troves of mapping data, which makes it possible for its riders and drivers to get from point A to point B. And Google, which was an early investor in …
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Some people are saying that Microsoft is a cooler place to work than Google
But now Google is starting to look like the new Microsoft, a company that a lot of people are starting to dislike, with its European anti-trust troubles, and its Google buses. And Microsoft is having a come-back, with a new CEO, a new warm-fuzzy …
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Google, Facebook Take Lead in Ads, Leave TV and Newspapers Behind
Google's ascendancy is due in part to the proliferation of smartphone and tablets, which rely on the company's search engine to feed mobile consumers the information they need to make purchases large and small, said the ZenithOptimedia report published …
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