Tinkernut – How To Get A Super Cheap Windows 8 Tablet

Want to try out the Windows 8 tablet functionality, but don’t want to dish out hundreds of bucks for the Microsoft Surface Tablet? Use this simple hack to turn any Android or iOS touchscreen device into a functional Windows 8 tablet. Links used in the video: goo.gl goo.gl

18 thoughts on “Tinkernut – How To Get A Super Cheap Windows 8 Tablet

  1. I consider the title slightly missleading! A windows 8 tablet for me is a tablet designed to run windows 8. If you connect an apple TV box to a TV, the TV does not automatically become an Apple TV, does it? And what this apparently does, is no more then sending a video Signal with some adaptions…

  2. one thing you could do is get virtual box for your pc, install windows 8 and teamviewer of that, get your tablet and install the teamviewer app, the same method but you dont have to have it on the same network.

  3. yes… It does not run on the tablet, it runs on the laptop. So: you basically make a video of the computer, send it to the tablet, view it there (Like TV) and then send to the laptop the keystrokes/taps that you input in the device (like a virelles keyboard). Nothing special happens on the tablet.

  4. I have a good laptop and desktop which already have stunning displays. So I really want to use a cheap multi touch device to use as a remote desktop controller over wifi for these two PCs and possibly a blueray player. Is Splash player going to accomplish this for me, and do you know of any other apps coming down the pike? I have installed win 8 pro on my desktop and I love it, so having a remote controller rather than buying a touch screen monitor would be great.

  5. Hey snake, gigafide has a point, think about it: if humans did not exercise their curiosity then we would still be back in the stone age, riding to work on dinosaurs and using dial-up.

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