Tinkernut – How To Get A Super Cheap Windows 8 Tablet

Want to try out the Windows 8 tablet functionality, but don’t want to dish out hundreds of bucks for the Microsoft Surface Tablet? Use this simple hack to turn any Android or iOS touchscreen device into a functional Windows 8 tablet. Links used in the video: goo.gl goo.gl

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18 Responses to Tinkernut – How To Get A Super Cheap Windows 8 Tablet

  1. Bram0rz says:

    i use windows 8, its awesome!

  2. 8723PCJerk Gaming says:

    But you cannot use swipe, etc.

  3. foorje says:

    Yeah, can’t you use teamviewer? or hasn’t teamviewer got windows 8 funcionality?

  4. TheBcoolGuy says:

    accessing my computer screen on my note 10.1 xD

  5. kwan yuen Lee says:

    Well…basically…you can do the same with an cheap Android Just use TeamViewer

  6. ZafRise says:

    I consider the title slightly missleading! A windows 8 tablet for me is a tablet designed to run windows 8. If you connect an apple TV box to a TV, the TV does not automatically become an Apple TV, does it? And what this apparently does, is no more then sending a video Signal with some adaptions…

  7. LenaNicolas says:

    Hi gigafide i was wondering would this owrk on windows 7?

  8. tachaqua says:

    one thing you could do is get virtual box for your pc, install windows 8 and teamviewer of that, get your tablet and install the teamviewer app, the same method but you dont have to have it on the same network.

  9. azastechshow says:

    i made a vista tablet instead :)

  10. ZafRise says:

    yes… It does not run on the tablet, it runs on the laptop. So: you basically make a video of the computer, send it to the tablet, view it there (Like TV) and then send to the laptop the keystrokes/taps that you input in the device (like a virelles keyboard). Nothing special happens on the tablet.

  11. Rollin Shultz says:

    I have a good laptop and desktop which already have stunning displays. So I really want to use a cheap multi touch device to use as a remote desktop controller over wifi for these two PCs and possibly a blueray player. Is Splash player going to accomplish this for me, and do you know of any other apps coming down the pike? I have installed win 8 pro on my desktop and I love it, so having a remote controller rather than buying a touch screen monitor would be great.

  12. BasketballSociety says:

    Good point

  13. L Adriano says:

    hey thinkernut does the desktop or loptop be running for this to work

  14. TrustEnderGaming says:

    Splashtop works on Windows 8 

  15. Jesse Payne says:

    @EthanTaylor Vista… WTF Who wants to “Preview” Vista xD

  16. Ethan Taylor says:

    hey tinkernut anything like splashtop but for vista???

  17. Timothy Pleines says:

    Hey snake, gigafide has a point, think about it: if humans did not exercise their curiosity then we would still be back in the stone age, riding to work on dinosaurs and using dial-up.

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