Tips for Local Businesses to Win with Mobile Search

Kennebunk, Maine (PRWEB) May 28, 2013

Earlier this year, reports showed that mobile search had more than quadrupled in 2012. In fact, almost half of those who search online for deals, products, and businesses exclusively use mobile devices rather than bulky laptops or PCs. What this means for the local business and local search market is a shift in focus toward the mobile user. My Local Leads, a marketing firm specializing in small and medium local online marketing, provides the following tips when it comes to winning with mobile.

It is important to understand that more than 80 percent of smartphone users will use their smartphones to help them shop while in a store. One in three smartphone users will rely on those mobile devices rather than asking an associate for help. For that reason, local businesses need to be sure that their information is targeted for the mobile market.

First, local business owners need to be sure that they invest in an affordable mobile website. This will help the site to show up for mobile users and provide for a better customer experience.

Mobile users search on their smartphones and tablets because they are on the go and need information right away. These users should not be overburdened with information. Instead, everything should be clear, concise and easy to digest. This means big keystrokes of important information such as brand logo, phone number, and address should be easily readable and identifiable as well as the organizations unique selling point, or USP.

Directions to a local business are a big draw for mobile users. The business needs to take the time and configure their Google Maps listing as well as include the enhanced features by linking the Google Maps to a Google + profile. Linking the two free services allows local business to add more rich content, which search engines and consumers both lovemost importantly video and images.

A number of businesses have launched their own apps. Local business owners might be tempted to do the same. For the cost in development, however, it may not be worth it. More than half of mobile users are more likely to use local mobile search options than a branded app for a product or store.

These kinds of tips form an important backbone for any business attempting to dominate in a competitive industry. It is this sort of forward thinking and market insight that has allowed My Local Leads to increase their clients revenues and overall return on investment.

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