Tips for shopping on Ebay – Part I – Christian Louboutins • http Hi Everyone! As some of you might already know, I hunt for deals on Ebay quite often. Of my shoe collection, I’ve only purchased 2 pairs of Louboutin at retail price. All of the other ones, I’ve bought on Ebay, at consignment stores, and on sale. In this episode, I want to share my best practices on how to shop on Ebay, focusing on shopping for Christian Louboutins. I hope it’s helpful!
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  1. I shop in a similiar fashion; save a listing that I am interested in on my ‘watch list’, leave it for a couple of days (while bearing in mind the end date of the auction) and if my heart continues to flutter when I return, I know I’m sold 🙂 Thanks for another great video Wendy! You are such an inspiration and I think you are such a cool galpal to have!

  2. Why would anyone buy icky used Loubutin shoes online when for the same price you could get one or two bew pairs from Nine West or another reasonably priced shoe line? I don’t get it…

  3. hmm since you have a smaller shoe size allow me to say you have “rarer feet” so chances are there are less people who will bid against you v.s if you’re a size 38 (more popular) like me lol then bidding gets more complicated.

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