Titan the Robot punches drunk guy. Butlins Bognor 2010.

Titan the Robot hands out a tasty right hook to drunk stag who tried his luck! To find out more about Titan the Robot please visit www.titantherobot.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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13 Responses to Titan the Robot punches drunk guy. Butlins Bognor 2010.

  1. Richard Gillies says:

    Little bitch with his popped collar (‘cos he’s rebelling against society’s norms) got OWNED in front of everybody! I bet he went home and cried so hard some of his fake tan ran down and stained his shirt 😛

  2. Kian014 says:

    I was there’re

  3. king fisher says:

    Isn’t the first rule of robots is not to harm a human

  4. Donatas DoncewaZ says:

    how you should be retarded to atack a robot? xD

  5. 0dus says:

    Only in Britain would someone be a big enough mongo to start on a robot.

  6. Ce1ticDrunk says:

    Yes, it’s a man inside a suit.

  7. theblacksheep1000 says:

    lol @ Robocop sounds it makes

  8. UrbemArmisOfficial says:

    wow. even titan robots hate douche bags who dont know how to wear their collared shirts

  9. cj6745 says:

    if he had severed legs, or was just really really small

  10. MithranArkanere says:

    Tsk. That’s just a guy in a costume. Disappointing… Still, that’s some nice technology just in case the want to bring back the Robocop franchise. They could make lots of robots using the techniques used for the custume.

  11. WolfieDraken says:

    Wtf this titan has its own show wow they are taking over…..

  12. BrandonHexx says:

    d00d wearing his collar like that i’d punch him to.

  13. wittawat1989 says:

    55555+ ต่อยมวยไทยได้สวยมาก

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