Titanium Certified Expert Course @ tiConf 2013

Titanium Certified Expert Course @ tiConf 2013
Event on 2013-06-26 09:00:00

The Titanium Certified Expert (TCE) course, formerly known as "Advanced Titanium Mobile Development"(ATMD) and certification is intended to give TCD certified developers a deeper understanding of the Titanium Mobile platform. TCE certified developers will learn how to build attractive, performant, best of breed mobile applications using both a wide range of cross-platform and platform-specific device APIs.Course Objectives

  • Understand the core principles of mobile user experience design as expressed by Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines and Google's Android Design guides.
  • Deepen knowledge of the Titanium platform by covering advanced use cases, performance tips, UI configurations, and device APIs.
  • Use platform-specific device APIs and configuration to deliver a best of breed experience on each mobile platform.
  • Learn how to enhance the core Titanium platform with extension modules.


  • Titanium Certified Developer (TCD) certification
  • Laptop with functional Titanium Studio with either/both Android SDK and/or iOS SDK supported versions installed.
  • Recommended: Bring Android and/or iOS devices, along with tethering cables to class

Agenda Day 1:

222 Street Paul Street
Baltimore, United States

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