TLDR: Apple Restructure and Windows Phone 8 Launch

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23 thoughts on “TLDR: Apple Restructure and Windows Phone 8 Launch

  1. Haha I love you Chris. To me, you’re experiences are so glaringly obvious I find it hard to understand how people can disagree. The Surface was terrible, the iPad mini looks amazing. Many a husband will be buying their wife one of these for Christmas. Thanks Chris.

  2. That’s exactly why I decided on the Macbook Air today instead of a Windows 8 Ultrabook. More expensive, but I know it will work and the reviews aren’t all over the place.

  3. Chris, my most important question for W8 is: does this make surfing porn with 10 video tabs open easier and safer? If I have a clean user account and a dirty, skank-ridden account, will there be traces of whore accessible by accident (ie prying eyes) on my clean log in? I’ve found that in W7, traces… can be found. Thanks.

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