TLDR: Apple Restructure and Windows Phone 8 Launch

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23 Responses to TLDR: Apple Restructure and Windows Phone 8 Launch

  1. MrBrickplosion says:

    lol thumbnail

  2. PrOdiGyViisto says:

    what is that screensaver on your monitor?

  3. Adam O'Connor says:

    Haha I love you Chris. To me, you’re experiences are so glaringly obvious I find it hard to understand how people can disagree. The Surface was terrible, the iPad mini looks amazing. Many a husband will be buying their wife one of these for Christmas. Thanks Chris.

  4. brentmxt says:

    That’s exactly why I decided on the Macbook Air today instead of a Windows 8 Ultrabook. More expensive, but I know it will work and the reviews aren’t all over the place.

  5. Nikhil Panchal says:

    Anybody know which dell display he has?

  6. Brandon Nolet says:


  7. FlushReviews says:

    This is true…. but the DEFAULT apps that ship with the device have ads placed there by MS…. this has never been done by anyone before

  8. TheRandomBlueTroll says:

    Lol unboxing ads

  9. vidform says:

    Ads, in the DEFAULT apps, diminish the user experience. Who wants to unbox a bunch of ads?

  10. racer83ify says:


  11. Jason Nostro says:

    Chrome ok is kind of a waste of money IMHO. A $250 web book? No thanks m

  12. rickkristin says:

    LOL That’s very funny!

  13. Keith Correll says:

    For your W8 Phone unboxing, consider the Nokia W8 phone. that way you wont need to worry about it ever breaking. it’s a Nokia XD

  14. HivemindHero says:

    Not sure who this is addressed to, but whomever has Tim Cook’s cock in his/her mouth, PLEASE BITE THAT MOTHERFUCKER!

  15. HivemindHero says:

    Chris, my most important question for W8 is: does this make surfing porn with 10 video tabs open easier and safer? If I have a clean user account and a dirty, skank-ridden account, will there be traces of whore accessible by accident (ie prying eyes) on my clean log in? I’ve found that in W7, traces… can be found. Thanks.

  16. agun17 says:

    Can’t you get malware through email, downloads, etc?

  17. assincreed2ps23 says:

    i got a mace book pro now its verry good to use for daily task

  18. Jonkki says:

    Yeah. It’s not there. Chris, what is this?

  19. krisg2673 says:

    Surface Rt question are you experiencing dropped frames with other video formats?

  20. krisg2673 says:

    Are you having problems with dropped video frames when video files are local or are not flash based?

  21. dherneuk says:

    To bad your sucking tim cook cock

  22. BastardRevolver says:


  23. BastardRevolver says:


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