TLDR: How Real People Use Windows 8 on a Surface Pro

TLDR: How Real People Use Windows 8 on a Surface Pro

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24 thoughts on “TLDR: How Real People Use Windows 8 on a Surface Pro

  1. I’m fucking laughing at the people who are whining about the vid. They didn’t see the letter’s “TLDR” in the title! *That’s* how you troll…trolls.

  2. Actually, more people look at specs than you think. But they don’t know much about it and how much it should cost. The iPad has good specs, but it’s not worth $600. for $600 you can get an atom based tablet with full windows 8 and a battery life of about 10hrs. There is one by dell with a battery life of 20hrs. You can install any OS like any other laptop if you’re not too fond of Windows 8.

  3. btw i visited lots of tech forums and there seem to be increase of microsoft fanbois and paid shills astroturfing the net defending everything microsoft from their decision to close IM over skype, surface pro’s release, RT’s failure in market, Win 8 lackluster real sales data etc.. seems like the usual MS strategy, when their product failed, invent fiction of success…

  4. this is why all tech bloggers dont understand WHY Apple so successfull with their ipad.. all techies see iPad and look for specs, slots , etc but they forget the casual market are filled with people who need only simple stuff and iPad fill their need perfectly.. its been like what ? 3 years since iPad 1 and techies still dont get it why iPad a smashing success … hint : no one looks for specs except techies

  5. They’re not TOO small. Funny, one says too big, another says too small. If I could add a screen shot of my Windows 8 Start screen, you’ll see there’s a good amount of information that shows up on those tiles.

  6. Not a fan of windows 8 because of the touch/desktop UI mix. But really, this video is pathetically biased. It wouldn’t take less than 2 minutes to explain to him how to switch apps by swiping. It’s like expecting someone to double-tap the home button on the iPad the first time they use it to multi-task

  7. He just needs a five minute tutorial of how to use windows 8. Did you gave him his iPad without explaining how to use it? Come on Chris, you can do better!

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