Tom Clark

Tom Clark
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From The Late Late Show, Comedy Central, TNT's "The Closer" and NBC's "Outsourced"!

Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to his very loving and very Catholic parents Eileen and Arthur Clark, Tom let it be known early on that he would someday like to be a comedian. Often saying to his parents, "I would someday like to be a comedian."

In grade school Tom was the self proclaimed 'class clown'. As one teacher fondly recalls, "Tom used to memorize the monologues from the Johnny Carson show. Then he would go up in front of the whole class and forget it. The kids really got a kick out of it". Tom's interest in comedy waned somewhat in high school as he began to take a greater interest in apathy.

Following high school Tom attended St. Norbert College in Green Bay, WI, where he was a performer on both the radio and television station. He graduated with a major of International Studies and spent the next six months volunteering in Mexico. While in Mexico he fell in love, but six months into the relationship found out that the love of his life only spoke Spanish. Tom sadly recalls, "I thought she was just talking really fast, but then I got the 'Dear Juan' letter and that's when I knew it was over".

Disillusioned Tom headed back to Milwaukee where he took a job as a social worker. Hoping to increase his income, and tired of collecting aluminum cans along the highways, Tom formally began his comedy career in 1994. Tom finally arrived in May 1997 when he opened for Pauly Shore at a rock club in Milwaukee. Tom opened with a song that was sung in Spanish "Viva la Gente" (Up with People), encouraging everyone to sing along with him. He was promptly booed by the audience, but did his allotted time of fifteen minutes and concluded his set with "The Potato Song". Following his performance he was approached by Pauly Shore's manager who said, "That's your act! You sing about a potato?!?!" Despite his interest, Tom decided to continue his venture without any representation.

Over the years Tom has performed with a lot of very talented people including, Jake Johannsen, Nipsy Russell, Brian Regan, and Lewis Black. He is also a regular performer at the Chicago Comedy Festival. He won the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Chicago, IL in 1999. Also, in 1999, Tom completed the Conservatory Program at Second City in Chicago and has no idea what 'conservatory' means, but feels it sounds impressive.

In 2001 Tom decided to pursue comedy full time and moved to Los Angeles. That year, Tom was runner up in Comedy Central's Laugh Riots Competition. He has appeared on CBS's Late Late Show, and NBC's Late Friday . You may have also seen Tom in commercials for It played in movie theaters across the country and in some lucky markets on TV. He's the guy who says, "It's a silent 'r'." Tom was most recently on National Lampoon's Funny Money on the Game Show Network and Comedy Central's Premium Blend.

Tom has also performed internationally at both The Montreal Comedy Festival in 2004 as part of the New Faces Program and in 2007 at the Main Arena of The Cape Town Comedy Festival in South Africa. Tom has written and acted in numerous short films, including "El Dorko", which is based on his stand up. Tom recently appeared on the syndicated stand up show Comedy.TV and can be seen in 2010 in the Hallmark Channel movie The Wish List with Jennifer Esposito and David Sutcliffe, playing the role of Harley. His philosophy on comedy is to not take himself too seriously and to assist other people in doing the same. In the future, Tom would like to stop speaking in the third person.

Mission Statement
To provide the highest in quality comedy entertainment while never compromising my integrity as an artist unless the money is really good.


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