Tongue Lisp Info

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20 Responses to Tongue Lisp Info

  1. snowstorm4991 says:

    I want to get it done but i have a short tongue and i don’t want them to pierce a vein

  2. Christian Jones says:

    If it hurts, try eating ice. My worst issue with tongue rings was that it messed my teeth up, but that is because I chew things. I would put the barbell against my front teeth and roll it, now they slope down in the middle. So, if you’re a person who chews gum a lot, you may not want to get your tongue pierced.

  3. 123chelz1231 says:

    KinKiNiKKi4 I’ve got my tongue pierced today but it hurts so bad how can I keep the pain down

  4. CatSeeable says:

    Nikki keep your hair brunette you suit it

  5. Euan Stewart-Cameron says:


  6. Euan Stewart-Cameron says:


  7. Euan Stewart-Cameron says:

    Hi have a tongue piercing

  8. foulmouthc1 says:

    my tongue swelled bad for the first 2 weeks, my name is steve and it came out as sleeve and had other problems too. Best advice you give is to take holiday when you have it, I could not style mine out at all. Its all good now so if you want one, go do it, but you have to really want it, care for it and be prepared to live with it. Otherwise they are great to play with, kiss with and pleasure a girl with,

  9. Trinity Tillah says:

    If only I can suscribe u more than once

  10. Amber Green says:

    Ive had braces. I just got my tongue done and only had a lisp bcuz of swelling. I took it out and changed it a day after do you know if that can turn out bad?

  11. Sabrina Kehr says:


  12. Maddie Rodriguez says:

    the same way you eat without a tongue ring

  13. Bailey Reitz says:

    My bday is a day after urs!

  14. DeViiLsZz says:

    I LUFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF THIS HAIR COLOUR ON YOU!! Its llooks awesome!! Super super super super super awesome and im not kidding! Its makes you lok really pretty yu know! And i think dark green or black or brown, not dark dark but that color will look nice as eyeshadow. You should dye your hair like that again! the color looks awesome on you hihi :)

  15. tallorder9 says:

    U R so sexy!

  16. BandFreak98 says:

    God… ur tongue looks so naked…. ur pretty also..

  17. lamezombie says:

    When I first got my tongue pierced I had a lisp but as soon as my swelling was gone and I changed to a shorter bar it went away. Complety.

  18. kaylahensley94 says:

    Did you have a lisp during the first week when it was swelling? I’m on day 4 of my piercing and I have a small lisp especially with the “th” sound but my piercing is in the correct spot:/

  19. Daniel Torres says:

    Have you ever chipped a tooth via tongue piercing? I did twice 😡 it bothers me for a few days when the tooth is newly sharp via the chipping

  20. Anna Davis says:

    You look so pretty in this video, Nikki!

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