Tony Saccaro Announces “Pain Free” Marketing Plan to Help Entrepreneurs Achieve Success

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) October 12, 2007

Tony Sacarro has just introduced a Marketing Plan that reminds him of the words spoken by Astronaut Neil Armstrong of Apollo 11. “Armstrong said ‘one giant leap for mankind’ and with this Marketing Program it will be ‘One giant leap’ for the concept of how to successfully create marketing programs for Home Based Entrepreneurs,” said Sacarro.

The idea behind Sacarro’s program is simple: Take modern technology and create a system which allows Entrepreneurs to solely focus on marketing their company provided website from the comfort of their home. “Facts are that 9 out of 10 Entrepreneurs fail their 1st year due to their lack of sales skills. The creator behind this model has in place an Automated Marketing System that will close sales 24/7/365,” said Florida Native Sacarro. “The package consists of a 6 minute introduction movie, lead capture pages, an auto-responder system and continual training which guarantees success for Entrepreneurs with the creativity and focus to drive folks to their website on a consistent basis.”

“I market Unique and Niche products from the 8.9 Billion Dollar a Year Self Improvement Industry,” said Sacarro. “This is an industry that is growing rapidly and I did my homework on Google and was amazed on Searches Done in March of 2007: Over 230,000 searches regarding the topic of Depression, 130,000 plus on Mental Health and nearly 500,000 on Weight Loss. My Library of Digital Books and Audio Courses help folks find the right ‘Mindset’ to ‘Live Life on Their Terms’ and this is a wonderful business opportunity for Entrepreneurs interested in being part of this industry.”

Sacarro spent many years in the Corporate World and applied the principals he saw when researching options to branch out and become his own boss. “Having a solid model with inferior products is part of the business landscape right now in this country,” said Sacarro. “The 6 minute introductory movie on this program is rated ‘IR’ for Internet Riches and that simple phrase intrigues most folks. Over $ 20,000 went into creating this system and Technology is tied in with National Marketing Co-Ops, Pre-Designed Ads and Postcards and other marketing tools that truly allow Entrepreneurs to start making income within a very short period of time. Associates are offered a 100% commission on all sales and paid immediately. I do all my work from home via my Laptop computer and this program offers me an opportunity for financial independence with the freedom to do the things in life that I love.”

Mr. Sacarro would love to talk with serious entrepreneurs searching for a long term home. “This program works … there is no cold calling friends, relatives or dealing with lead lists. Simply promote your website effectively and the success will follow.”

Saccaro can be reached in his Tampa Office at 813-758-3852 or via the Net at

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