Too Much Stuff in Your Home; Decluttr Makes Clearing Out Much-needed Space Easy and Profitable

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) March 06, 2014

Newly launched online service Decluttr is providing families with a simple and effective solution to keep their home organized and add to their savings. Get rid of unwanted DVDs, CDs and video games that are just taking up space in the basement or attic with Decluttrs mobile app or website.

The service focuses on a one-box selling platform: consumers sell their items without the hassle of managing multiple transactions and multiple shipments.

A recent survey conducted by the Huffington Post revealed that 84% of stressed Americans say they worry their home isnt clean or organized enough. While Decluttr cant help out with laundry, it does make tidying up boxes of DVDs, CDs and video games that are collecting dust a breeze, turning the phrase this may be worth something someday into this is worth something today.

Currently, selling unwanted media through existing online platforms can be a hassle due to the repetitive steps of listing, selling, packing and shipping…for each DVD. In contrast, Decluttr is a single transaction, free shipping and one payment. Its really simple and while the idea may be new to Americans, Decluttr is actually a start up with a history. The new company is owned by one of the fastest-growing technology businesses in the United Kingdom, Entertainment Magpie (, which has successfully paid millions of dollars to people selling goods.

According to Brett E. Lauter, president, Decluttr, busy families would look to sell excess stuff in their homes were it not for the hassle of online selling and its multiple transactions, fees and subjective pricing.

This service is for those who are too busy, dont want to add to a landfill (all discs received that cant be resold are recycled) and/or want to make a little money, said Lauter. Our customers go to one site, list all their items and receive a fair value through an objective, real-time pricing system and print out their free shipping label. Its surprisingly simple: scan it, send it, spend it.

The need for this type of service is greater than ever. According to a recent study, 62% of respondents ranked the ability to sell media in one place/at one time the most important feature of this type of service while 66% said the ability to get cash for different items through one website/account is equally important.

Consumers are always looking for ways to make their lives easier, help them get rid of unwanted goods and earn money. Decluttr is the answer.

How it Works: Scan It, Send It, Spend It!

Its a simple, efficient, one-box process:

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