toongatha vizigal rendu – agni natchathram

Sexy Amala song, she has a great body and Mani Ratnam does know how to make use of it! 😉 Song is great too of course…

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13 Responses to toongatha vizigal rendu – agni natchathram

  1. Arun Jagatheesan says:

    well said

  2. vivganes says:

    With due respect, Raja Sir is a trained classicist. He has fused Western Classical with Carnatic ( check out ‘Nothing but Wind’ for example ) better than any one else. I like Rahman too but he fuses more Middle Eastern tunes with Indian ones and is more influenced by North Indian than Carnatic, IMHO. Both are great in their own way! Regards.

  3. sskgrs says:

    ARR is able to fuse indian and western style music to great effect and that’s why he is much more successful than Raja. Granted raja has its unique brand of melodious music, but I bet westerner cannot appreciate his music whereas they could appreciate ARR (for instance slumdog music)

  4. adarsh861 says:

    very nice composing….awesomw music…. hatss offf to illaya raja…. no one is there to compete with him…

  5. sharathmorin says:

    dats rite and well said and jus be happy both fuckers are from chennai ……buh raajaaa RULES.. …FOREVR..

  6. sidd001 says:

    ur point is spot on dude.. i wud like to add that rajas music is purely indianised… havin said that he has a wide variety of insturments which r westernised yet it sounds like indian… he is u and me.. he is a creator! and his roots r classical nd folk… no death to his music!

  7. billarenga says:

    Good composition set to ragam Amirthavarshini

  8. psrajmohan says:

    very well said…its true to the core

  9. Naveen Krishnan says:

    nice song…

  10. memeonly13 says:

    her thoppul(navel) is the best ./

  11. suryavs says:

    well said. if i am right the producer of roja is k.balachander and he declared that he would never work with ilayaraaja after dance master[ may be jealousy or misunderstanding ]so he wanted to bring new face into the industry and he told mani rathnam to look for a new guy.thus rahman entered TFM. by the way ilayaraaja is beyond all these crap music directors. infact on the whole planet.

  12. Girish Venkatachalam says:

    Rahman can never hold a candle to Illayaraja. Illayaraja is one of the greatest geniuses the world has ever seen. Rahman is just a successful guy who did well due to lack of competition… But he knew how to get fame in the North and capture the mindshare of youngsters. My humble opinion.

  13. marun1972 says:

    The difference between Ilayaraja and AR.Rehman is Ilayaraja creats big directors like Mani, Balu, Bala etc. But A.R.R. works with big directors. But we really missing Mani & Ilayaraj combination. Becos there is soul in their combination

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