Top 10 DUMBEST Yahoo Questions and Answers EVER!

These are the Top 10 dumbest questions and answers on Yahoo to ever exist. If you ever had the privilege of reading these, you either laughed yourself into a coma, or lost faith in humanity….
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14 Responses to Top 10 DUMBEST Yahoo Questions and Answers EVER!

  1. gilberto figueroa says:

    GUYS theres a even dumber question i made.Uh?If you put coffe in a pot does it make it a coffepot?

  2. Beta Factor says:

    The first one may be referring to the possibility of someone using your DNA to place it at a crime scene and framing you for a crime. Then again, I may just have too much faith in humanity.

  3. Wubadub says:

    Lol. Yoshis Island reference. Nice.

  4. FailedPoliSaint says:

    the mermaid one had the best answer it could have, it was pure Darwinian selection working. A preciously written kill yourself by drowning troll.

  5. KINGD353 says:

    “stares at the hand in the capslock joke” …… oh my god dragon is black o.o this isnt’ important info at all but it’s still interesting to note

  6. John Smith says:

    she has a 14 year old child whern shes only 26? Premature birth?!

  7. Benson says:


  8. InfernalDalek says:

    Dinner for Schmucks! I love that movie. 

  9. Harry G says:

    My god! I will never drink orange juich again.

  10. Mad9977 says:

    most of them are troll comments lol

  11. Laura James says:

    What the hell man it got to be fake

  12. PinkCat7455 says:


  13. Mike Platt says:

    Slowbro?! Really?!?! He has such a good mega

  14. Majin Giratina says:

    5:10 Are you carrying balls?

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