TOP 10 gadgets + apps from 2013

TOP 10 gadgets + apps from 2013
… the internet of things, influencing the future of design and consumer electronics. it has been a year filled with smartphone controlled objects and high-tech gadgets, from smartlocks to app controlled prosthetic hands. take a look at desigboom's …
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Memorable Flashbacks of 2013
Her death raised the question of the ethics of parading funeral pictures on the web. Heated online debate was … Davido response was the release of the 'official' video and the controversy only made the song Skelewu more popular. The Hollywood Sex …
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Chromebook sales surge during holidays — raising big questions for Microsoft
According to just one popular metric, is showing that Chromebooks make up three of its top four best-seller laptops. And that's after Chromebooks already boosted their overall market share … The HP Chromebook 14, and the Acer C720P …
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