Top 10 Google I/O 2013 Announcements!

Top 10 Google I/O 2013 Announcements! These are the most awesome things we saw this week at Google’s yearly developer conference. Mostly Day 1. 10. AndroidSt…

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13 Responses to Top 10 Google I/O 2013 Announcements!

  1. Light John says:

    very nice ! our shop:  3w,aliexpress,com/store/231976

  2. pinwill23 says:

    “How tall is Barack Obama?” This is the first thing I said when I used Google Now for the first time… That’s creepy… (Also, he is 1.85m)

  3. rmrene4 says:

    love all your videos mate!!!!!

  4. Sibi Sengottuvel says:

    so the nexus 11 is that a thing?

  5. khushal999 says:


  6. Chitrank Dixit says:

    Nice work Marques. Google IO in just 15 minutes nice Cheers man.

  7. Ryan Cox says:

    What’s he do for a living just curious

  8. fruitboi99 says:

    You were texting Lamarr Wilson!!!!!!!

  9. fuzzgrumpy says:

    he built a hackintosh

  10. Evan Wenzel says:

    I’m an iPhone 5 user and I love all your android/google videos. Very clean to the point facts and great HD!

  11. Xanxus Dreyvar says:

    How does you app data sync

  12. G Zed says:

    A Doctor asked “I am probably completely naive and behind the times but I assume it is not secure, confidential or ethical to use Google now with the current changes, as of today, and probably never has been OK to store client names, phone numbers, email addresses or calendar appointments in Google Calendars even if there is no reference to those data being related to a client or patient of mine etc..?” Official reply from Ethics Board: “Correct on all counts.” for more details

  13. Nathaniel Hukel says:

    I keep thinking you flipping stuff off.

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