Top 10 Marketing Failures: Coke, Ford, Netflix

They seemed like good ideas at the time… counts down our picks for the top 10 worst marketing mishaps in history.

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21 Responses to Top 10 Marketing Failures: Coke, Ford, Netflix

  1. Yim UIOp says:

    wow 3 dollars a month u must be loaded

  2. Michael Bradson says:

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  3. MrGraphis says:

    If everything he touches turns to skittles, how did he manage to get dressed?

  4. Kelvin Kaw says:

    nowdays i dont mind to get a new ford edsel lol.

  5. Throwyn says:

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  6. botfan78 says:

    OMG Aydes, LOL

  7. reignofrock says:

    Bill Cosby for Coca-Cola? You want a win, just get that man to do some pudding comercials.

  8. devildog4611 says:

    I enjoyed the Burger King “King” commercials

  9. soberchimera61 says:

    The Skittles one was funny, people need to chill out.

  10. NeoDaOne says:

    that mr t commercial was fine…folks bent out of shape…

  11. OneJacobOfMany says:

    I loved the skittles and sneak king ads. This coming from a guy who mutes the tv and leaves the room when ads come on.

  12. Spidey Malta says:

    you forgot the kinder surprise commercial with the creepy humpty dumpty. I still have nightmares

  13. MrAWUD says:

    New Coke was a deal about beating Pesei,so people will be crazy about the old ones and let Cola earn more profit.Then Pesei became behind it until new.It is what our class had taught.

  14. Trent Terry says:

    I Do Love Bill Cosby Is The Coke Ad, It’s The Best Coke Ever Thats All I’m Going To Say

  15. MrX600531 says:

    I think it’s appropriate for a commercial for the blackberry Z10 be playing before this video starts. lol Thanks YouTube for having a since of humor.

  16. JuggaloBeatbox says:

    Skittles and the kings commercial were fucking awesome

  17. SuperRhino50 says:

    WTF AYDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Bigblack7001 says:

    Probly the YOYO commercial

  19. Gabe Jones says:

    I was once watching a Bob’s Temper-Pedic matress commercial, and the concept of it was that you could only go to heaven if you had one of his matresses.

  20. seangagnier says:

    Netflix surely has recovered. The move was a necessary, not foolish one.

  21. RockManLP says:

    The one that made me scratch my head is how you failed to understand the Mr. T commercial.

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