Top 10 Most Visited US Tourist Sites

Here are the ten US destinations that tourists love the most. Where else to find All Time 10s… Facebook: Twitter: Check out a selection of video’s highlighting some Alltime10’s favourite and interesting people.. @

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13 Responses to Top 10 Most Visited US Tourist Sites

  1. Claire Mushet says:

    Where’s the Grand Canyon??

  2. Evilpoptart99 says:

    It’s half America, half Canada

  3. 91Fires says:

    Niagra Falls is in Canada…

  4. SukkMyDikkk says:

    This generally how much semen gets shot onto my dying victims faces…

  5. brotherben11 says:

    Isn’t Niagara Falls in Canada?

  6. dominoboy08 says:

    Read the title before commenting.

  7. LesRepasStudio says:

    Are these top 10 just for the US?

  8. foxylady1984 says:

    One, that comment made absolutely no sense. Two, if you want to look like you know about Niagara Falls, learn how to spell “Niagara.”

  9. jpta162 says:

    You are an idiot. I am American and I know there is a city on both sides and you can view the falls on the American side from Goat Island and the Canadian side from Niagara Falls, Canada.

  10. ConwHMB says:

    what about yosemite, grand canyon, yellowstone?

  11. A.J Pocan says:

    Where is Yellowstone or Glacier national park? Or grand canyon? This is the first video where I was really disappointed…

  12. RaiderXD1789001 says:

    Niagara Falls is better in Canada…and anyways why isnt the Grand Canyon in the top 10? And why does this have way little views compared to the other videos..probably cuz people are jealous of some of the United States tourist destinations..

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