Top 10 Production Websites for Filmmakers!

Ryan finishes his best of the web picks off with an extra ten great sites for Filmmakers! Tom Guilmette: Philip Bloom: Vincent Laforet: Shane Hurlbut: Red Giant TV: Video Copilot: AEtuts: Filmmaker IQ: noFilmschool: FXPHD: **New Episodes Every Monday and Thursday** Like, Favorite and SHARE today’s episode! FilmRiot Twitter Ryan on Twitter Facebook Ryan on Facebook Ryan on Google+:
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22 Responses to Top 10 Production Websites for Filmmakers!

  1. BulletsToBrainRatio says:

    youtube. com/filmriot

  2. KingAaron1231 says:


  3. mason21000 says:

    Can you do an overview on all of your gear/stuff?

  4. noster3000 says:

    In a video a long time ago you said that you are going to use hitfilm very soon, I have hitfilm ultimate and I wish you had some tutorials on hitfilm

  5. James Jackson says:

    where all trying to get noticed With that though peep my videos i promise you wont be dissaponted

  6. WaffleVFX says:

    Wreckamovie… ;(

  7. FBGMProds says:

    check out my channel for short skits i just started so it be great if you check it out :)

  8. Erin Sonsma says:

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  9. TheMuffinRises says:

    Don’t forget Digital Tutors for those who are interested in animations and compositing :)

  10. Justin Hansen says:

    He’s slammed on time with all his projects.

  11. Chris Van Voorhees says:

    Why don’t you do custom ads anymore? I miss them…

  12. mada47906 says:

    What is the best audio set up if you are only a one man team?

  13. Stephen Sean Hewett says:

    Thanks FilmRiot!

  14. Munkyrench13 says:

    Looks like they should have used “domain dot com” to purchase that domain! 😛

  15. 605potato says:

    Obama Mama

  16. arn dietmar cruz says:

    You’re gaining weight Ry..

  17. jlhp1999 says:


  18. draysondesign says:

    My favorite film resource, one that everyone should subscribe to is Film Riot :) youtube dot com/user/filmriot

  19. iamamythman says:

    can anyone imagine how long the video would be if ryan spoke at normal speed?

  20. Euclid58Films says:

    Where do we submit the Monday challenge vids?

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