Top 10 Useful Websites (everyone needs to know)

Top 10 Useful Websites (everyone needs to know)

most useful websites,find out.. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. http://…

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17 Responses to Top 10 Useful Websites (everyone needs to know)

  1. Humam Obeid says:

    where’s facebook!!!

  2. Alexander Hansson says:

    Doesn’t everybody know about pornhub???

  3. 4000chaos says:

    pft everyone knows that fuq(dot)com it better.

  4. Roronoa Zoro says:

    Useless, apart from bearshare, thanks for that one.

  5. Stefan Stamenkov says:

    Oooh man, Where is Facebook, Twitter, My Space, eBay and like the @Truthseekerneit sayed Pornhub(My favorite *_*) 😀

  6. Premium515 says:

    na na na niceeeeeeeeee Audio,

  7. CollaborationKings says:

    lol, nice browser. What operating system do you have? Windows 95? I bet you sit in a dark cupboard playing Runescape all day…

  8. velvetNguns says:

    what the freaking hell does youtube doing on the list , it’s not usful at all , stupidity

  9. Hamza neit addi says:

    where is pornhub????????????????

  10. theryukendo111 says:

    where the facebook? 😛

  11. Mike Saltzman says:

    Is this 1996? Do we really need someone to tell us that Google and Amazon exist? This video is about as ridiculous as Rick Astley’s.

  12. Deliphin11 says:

    LOL #4

  13. JRM983 says:

    oh 08 how i miss you the days before justin beiber and lady gaga……

  14. nliorni says:

    I think that Dilandau is better than BearShare

  15. kndx123 says: Tha Best (if u live in the Estonia)

  16. DawnBarbourOfficial says:

    LOL How will we survive without porn websites?

  17. wtfproductions342589 says:

    #1 doesnt work

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