top 2 free movie websites with no download

hi im showing the best movie websites u can find and if you know some other free movie websites comment it below.
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  1. Yeah this stuff is the typical greedy morons from Asia or India who don’t speak or write english very well trying to cash in on North American markets. They don’t understand North American culture or its history of scamming, flim flam, etc.. They all think they’re scams are original genius when really we’ve seen it all before many times even before the internet era. I checked em out. Yes they do want you download a plug in.and yes they want you to sign up to lame site. Not so here at YouTube. Sign up is optional here. They web sites are arranged in weasely fashion to make it easy for you to click on the wrong thing by mistake. I wouldn’t bother wasting your time with these frustrating sites. Whatever you do don’t download non-standard players and plug ins. They hijack parts of your browser like the tool bar and take you places on the net you don’t want to go.

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